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The Advantages of a Taylormade Golf Driver Shaft

The shaft is one of the most important parts of a golf club. Especially in golf drivers, this steel or graphite tube is the most carefully analyzed part of a club. Why? Because the shaft has a great effect on the strength and accuracy of a golf swing, so finding the perfect length, weight, and stiffness is essential to any serious golfer.

Taylormade golf understands this well, hence they introduced the R11 golf driver shaft. But before this article goes on to discuss its advantages, you should know more about the factors that affect the efficiency of a shaft.

The usual shaft lengths are between 34 to 48 inches. A longer shaft produces stronger swing speed but has lesser accuracy. The opposite is true for shorter ones as it gives lesser club head speed and more control. The weight ranges from 45 to 150 grams, depending on the length and the material used to make it. Steel shafts are typically heavier than graphite shafts. Similar to length characteristics, the heavier the shaft the stronger the swing speed is and the lesser is the control, and the reverse is produced with a lighter one.

golfThe stiffness of a shaft, or the shaft flex, is also important. A softer shaft creates more spin that makes the ball fly higher and hook with the wind, whereas a stiffer shaft produces less spin that shoots the ball very low triggering it to slice. This means that a stiffer shaft makes a ball travel further, but a softer one allows better control and accuracy.

It is crucial to find the perfect balance between length, weight, and stiffness as a stronger swing speed results in a longer distance, while better control means improved accuracy on your shots. This goes on to show that to have a competition-level golf shaft, a golfer has to customize or match the shaft of his club to his game.

Customizing the perfect shaft for your game is not that easy, though. For one, most of available shafts in retail have specific lengths, weights, and flexes. And even if you can find your preferred shaft, you can never perfectly repeat your golf swing every time.

It’s said that you will know a good golfer by his ability to adjust to his club’s shaft and flex. That is true for seasoned veterans, as they have learned to master that over time. What about for amateurs or beginners?

This predicament is answered by the Taylormade golf R11 shaft with its unique removable shaft technology.

Taylormade golf R11 shafts come with a tip and grip feature that lets you instantly change or adjust your shaft’s length, weight, and stiffness according to your present needs.

R11 shafts are equipped with a sleeve adapter that allows you to screw on your chosen shaft easily. With a wrench that came with your R11s, it will take you about a minute to change shafts. This gives you the versatility to match your golf driver’s shaft to your current swings. Having the ability to adjust the club shaft instead of adjusting your swing is amazing.

Currently, Taylormade golf R11 shafts are becoming not only the choice of beginners but of the pros as well.

And to make it easier for golfers to test the best shaft for them, Taylormade golf initiated the Tuned Performance Cart. This is a set of club heads stacked in a specially designed golf bag that is originally designed and developed by Tailor-made’s R&D department. You can quickly change heads during your test shots to find the right combination for you. More than 186 driver combinations and 258 iron combinations are available for a golfer to try out.