All About Military Coins

You’d typically find military coins or challenge coins in an antique shop or a collectors shop. But, what are these coins? What are they for? Why some of these coins are so expensive?

Well, military coins have been used for ages. They have been used by military men around the world to challenge their fellow soldiers. These coins are carried by sailors, airmen, marines, and soldiers. There are many stories about how the use of challenge coins started. But, according to the legend, the use of these coins started in 1917 during the World War I. A wealthy soldier ordered a bunch of bronze medallions and asked the blacksmith to place his squadrons emblem and name on the coins. He then distributed these coins to the members of his squadron. Then, one pilot placed his coin in a pouch and place it around his neck. A few days later, his plane crashed and he landed on the enemy’s camp. He was then captured by the Germans.

The Germans took all his belongings, including his wallet and his identification cards. But, they did not take the pouch. He was taken to a small French town. Luckily, he was able to escape the his captors. He stumbled into a French outposts. There are many saboteurs in the area so the French soldiers thought that he is a saboteur. They are about to execute him when he showed them his coin. They then recognized that he is from US air force. The French soldiers contacted their American allies to confirm the identity of the soldier. When the Americans confirmed that the soldier is part of the US air force, the soldier was spared from execution and he was sent back to America. Because the coin saved the life of the young soldier, more and more soldiers started to carry their challenge coins with them.

custom challenge coinsThe use of challenge coins became popular during the World War II. The 107th Infantry who was deployed to fight the Nazi in France decide to produce specialized coins to verify their soldiers’ identity. These coins contained the emblem of their squadron and the date the coins were produced. These coins help prevent infiltration because soldiers are asked to present their coin during meetings with spies and undercover soldiers.

In 1951, Colonel William Quinn, commonly known as Buffalo Bill, had some coins made for his 17th Infantry Regiment in 1951. Now, during these times, the coins are not just used to confirm identity. These coins are also used for establishing camaraderie amongst military men through challenging. In a bar, a soldier initiates a challenge by drawing his coin. If the person that he challenged did not bring his coin, he must buy the challenger a round of drinks. But, if the soldier challenged can present his military coin, then the challenger should buy him a round of drinks. This game is fun and it promotes brotherhood and camaraderie among military service men.

Uses of Military Coins

Challenge coins are typically used to honor military men and to commemorate special missions and assignments. But, these days, you can use these challenge coins for just about anything. You can use these coins as:

1. Fundraiser Tokens

If you’re a fundraiser, you can design and produce special coins that contain your organization’s logo and cause. You can distribute this to your donors, sponsors, and supporters during fundraising events.

2. Corporate Rewards

custom military coinsIf you’re looking for ways to reward performing employees then you should try customized coins. You can use these coins to reward your top employees and encourage them to keep up their good work. You can even give away gold and silver coins to employees who have been working with your company for over ten years.

3. Boys Scouts and Girls Scouts

Scout masters usually use customized coins to reward the exceptional girl scouts and boy scouts. Scout coins come in different colors and designs. Some scouts trade their coins with other scouts for fun.

4. Promotional Tools

If you’re looking for new ways to promote your products and services, try challenge coins. You can place your product logo on these coins and give it away to potential customers. These coins are cheap yet classy, so using these coins as promotional tools will leave a lasting impression on potential clients and could potentially improve your company’s reputation and increase your sales.

Military coins bring strong feelings of pride among military men. But, these coins are not for soldiers anymore. You can use these coins as wedding favors, party favors, reward, or marketing tools. To learn more, visit

The Advantages of a Taylormade Golf Driver Shaft

The shaft is one of the most important parts of a golf club. Especially in golf drivers, this steel or graphite tube is the most carefully analyzed part of a club. Why? Because the shaft has a great effect on the strength and accuracy of a golf swing, so finding the perfect length, weight, and stiffness is essential to any serious golfer.

Taylormade golf understands this well, hence they introduced the R11 golf driver shaft. But before this article goes on to discuss its advantages, you should know more about the factors that affect the efficiency of a shaft.

The usual shaft lengths are between 34 to 48 inches. A longer shaft produces stronger swing speed but has lesser accuracy. The opposite is true for shorter ones as it gives lesser club head speed and more control. The weight ranges from 45 to 150 grams, depending on the length and the material used to make it. Steel shafts are typically heavier than graphite shafts. Similar to length characteristics, the heavier the shaft the stronger the swing speed is and the lesser is the control, and the reverse is produced with a lighter one.

golfThe stiffness of a shaft, or the shaft flex, is also important. A softer shaft creates more spin that makes the ball fly higher and hook with the wind, whereas a stiffer shaft produces less spin that shoots the ball very low triggering it to slice. This means that a stiffer shaft makes a ball travel further, but a softer one allows better control and accuracy.

It is crucial to find the perfect balance between length, weight, and stiffness as a stronger swing speed results in a longer distance, while better control means improved accuracy on your shots. This goes on to show that to have a competition-level golf shaft, a golfer has to customize or match the shaft of his club to his game.

Customizing the perfect shaft for your game is not that easy, though. For one, most of available shafts in retail have specific lengths, weights, and flexes. And even if you can find your preferred shaft, you can never perfectly repeat your golf swing every time.

It’s said that you will know a good golfer by his ability to adjust to his club’s shaft and flex. That is true for seasoned veterans, as they have learned to master that over time. What about for amateurs or beginners?

This predicament is answered by the Taylormade golf R11 shaft with its unique removable shaft technology.

Taylormade golf R11 shafts come with a tip and grip feature that lets you instantly change or adjust your shaft’s length, weight, and stiffness according to your present needs.

R11 shafts are equipped with a sleeve adapter that allows you to screw on your chosen shaft easily. With a wrench that came with your R11s, it will take you about a minute to change shafts. This gives you the versatility to match your golf driver’s shaft to your current swings. Having the ability to adjust the club shaft instead of adjusting your swing is amazing.

Currently, Taylormade golf R11 shafts are becoming not only the choice of beginners but of the pros as well.

And to make it easier for golfers to test the best shaft for them, Taylormade golf initiated the Tuned Performance Cart. This is a set of club heads stacked in a specially designed golf bag that is originally designed and developed by Tailor-made’s R&D department. You can quickly change heads during your test shots to find the right combination for you. More than 186 driver combinations and 258 iron combinations are available for a golfer to try out.

Customizing Your Silicone Bracelets

The first thing that comes into our minds when we hear silicone bracelets are the flat rubber bands that are commonly used by athletes to distinguish what team they represent. These wristbands are also being used by nonprofit and charity organizations to spread the message that they want to convey, or just simply raise awareness on certain causes. Others use these items as effective identification tools. Some use the items as a means of advertising a business or for fashion purposes.

We are all set on where the silicone bracelets are being used. So now we can jump into the conclusion that you want to make a custom wristband for your group or for your personal use. Here are some guidelines and different choices that you can use to create a custom designed wristbands:

There are many options that we can choose from when trying to come up with the ideal design for your custom bracelets. The first one that we need to consider is having a color that would totally represent or would best suit the occasion that you are planning on using the wristbands on. We offer various choices of hues to suit your needs.

There are also these types of bracelets that are glow in the dark and if you prefer, you can even add glitters to it.

BraceletsThen we move on to choosing what style do we use to depict our custom design into the wristbands, and one might be confused of embossed, debossed, printed, and laser-engraved styles. Now, these are important because this will determine how your design would come out after so you might need to check this out first to have your ideal Silicone bracelets.

Debossed Bracelets.

The debossed style is the most commonly used by wristband manufacturers. It is the same style as Lance Armstrong’s Silicone wristbands are. Debossed bracelets are more expensive and take longer to make because they require a mold to be able to generate one. The text or logo that needs to be engraved is recessed down into the silicone without any ink printing so that the design have a subtle appearance.

Embossed Bracelets.

Embossed wristbands are not as common as debossed wristbands. This is an excellent choice if you are considering a more stylish and unique custom silicone bracelet. The customized design, opposite to debossed, is raised up from the silicone without any ink printed on it. Imagine it being somewhat 3D. Since this style also uses mold to be manufactured, the price range and turnaround time for embossed wristband is very similar to that of debossed bracelet.

Ink-Printed Bracelets

Our ink-printed silicone wristbands are by far the most economical choice. This kind of style does not use a mold to create the design. We rather use a template of the custom design instead of a mold. This is generated by having a blank wristband and then use a dye that could penetrate the silicone for a long lasting print.  Our ink-printed bracelets are less expensive with quicker turnaround time compared to the debossed and embossed silicone bracelets.

Laser-Engraved Bracelets

This style shares the same image of what debossed wristbands look like. The design is also recessed down into the band. Our laser-engraved bracelets do not use molds, or template. They are somewhat similar to the ink-printed bracelet which is made by having a blank wristband and then a simple program allows a laser-engraving machine to engrave the custom design into it. Since this type of style doesn’t use molds, expect that it is cheaper and faster to generate than the other styles especially if you need 3,000 or less wristbands.

Choosing the best choice is based solely on your personal preference and to what purpose or occasion you are going to use the silicone wristbands on. I wished that these guidelines have helped you to pick the most suitable design for you from the many custom silicone bracelets that we offer.

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Our ink-printed silicone wristbands are by far the most economical choice. This kind of style does not use a mold to create the design. I wished that these guidelines have helped you to pick the most suitable design for you from the many custom silicone bracelets that we offer.

How to Become a Good Keynote Speaker

The most important characteristic of a keynote speaker is having the desire to be one. It may be a little more complicated than that, but the key is motivation.

This motivation is not synonymous to desiring to promote yourself and make money. If these things motivate you, most people would know it, but not everyone would. You might have friends, business partners, or supporters that believe in you, but they would be a small number, unless you regularly go to vendor shows or isolated events. No, your motivation should be thinking that you could do a better job at speaking than other people.

You Need To Be Driven

Motivational SpeakerYou need to have that confidence and think that you could stand in front of a lot of people and inspire them to do something. You must sincerely believe that you have more knowledge than they do. This confidence should be combined with belief, courage, and sheer determination.

As a keynote speaker, you will be in the spotlight. When somebody in the audience challenges you with a powerful or even a senseless question, you have to not just defend your message, but reinforce it. You do not want to be in a situation where you are asked a simple, direct question and you have no credible response. Keep in mind that delivering a keynote speech is not for everyone.

You Should Have Something to Say

Certainly, you would have something to say. However, it is worth pointing out that if you are just running received wisdom, mantras, clichés, or low-risk repetitions of common sense or ideas of other well-respected speakers, you cannot get away with it in a keynote. That being said, there is a place every convention for people who could persuade others to adopt what seems to be simple things that are difficult to accomplish or convey challenging concepts. This kind of keynote speaker is in the ‘great motivator/communicator’ category.

You Have to Be a Good Communicator

Using long words and having a huge vocabulary is not always a good thing. Usually, excellent communicators are not loudmouths, soapbox orators, or crowd stirrer. As a reference, you may search a description of communication skills. Suffice to say, there have been incredible speeches from people who are not really natural speakers.

Keynote speakers do not necessarily have to be slick, but their natural delivery and material can excellently get their message across. It is really hard to judge someone, so it is better to ask advice from friends or those who have recently heard you deliver a speech.

Know Your Audience

You cannot decide whether or not your keynote speech is useful or interesting. It is actually a matter of the opinion of others. You may think that being a keynote speaker, you have loads of knowledge to share, but your audience may think otherwise. Trends change, so being on the frontline of a new method might be suitable for your audience. However, it may also be a huge step for them to welcome your talk or think of it as inappropriate. You need to know your market – their aspirations and problems; what can go down well; and what they know and do not know.

Do Not Say No

This may seem like a questionable suggestion, but this means do not say no to an invitation that you consider as a ‘worthy’ conference or one that will not cost you a lot of time and money. Be open to attending new shows because this is the only way you will have experience if you are only getting started. You will never know where you can meet lovely and smart people who will treat you kindly. You can also get some amazing stories that you can use for a long time in your keynotes.

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The most important characteristic of a keynote speaker is having the desire to be one.To know more characterstic on keynote speaker visit : motivational-speaker-success.

Tools to Integrate Social Media and Digital Signage Software

Since the introduction of digital signage software, a lot of innovations and expansions in the digital marketing industry took place. Over the years, it has been a necessity to a lot of businesses to promote their products and services using digital signage. With its ability to display flash animations and videos, this platform attracts more potential customers than the traditional static media. But what really made digital signage an over-the-edge strategy, is the integration of social media with it.

Social media is one of the largest platforms used as a communication tool globally. Almost anyone of all ages, sex, and race owns one or multiple accounts in various social media sites. Knowing the importance of social media in today’s consumers, many business organization incorporate its use to their advertising strategies. Since it allows deeper connection between companies and consumers, marketers can receive more information from their target audience – in real time! Social media created a tremendous amount of opportunities for businesses and marketing endeavors.

Digital Signage Software

With these technologies, many digital signage software added social media tools in their platforms to engage potential customers. With just a few clicks, consumers can already provide real time status updates regarding their use of the product or services. These updates are then compiled using tagging and hashtag technologies, which allow companies to monitor the people who talk about their products and services.

In some companies, these status updates from real people are connected with their digital signage so customer testimonials – another good marketing strategy – are immediately uploaded to the company’s advertising platforms. This real-time, relevant content from users is one of the reason why businesses and institutions prefer digital signage over canned commercials and non-moving billboards. Using digital signage software, a lot of customer feedbacks can be easily encoded and viewed by a greater number of people anytime, anywhere. Traffic can also be generated through this kind of advertising technique.

With simple, less expensive, digital displays controllable by a digital signage software, dozens or even hundreds of participative, up-to-date, content from the consumers can be utilized to introduce a new idea, product or services. It’s like an advertisement from the consumer to the consumer. This cycle of consumer advertising provides many benefits to the companies such as

(1) cost-effectiveness,

(2) faster advertisement,

(3) more personal and straightforward promotional messages, and

(4) real-time customer feedback.

In the pursuit of finding new ways to interact with people, big companies nowadays have stepped a lot closer to the community. Interactive applications and methods is now the trend in the global market so companies found ways to elicit more engagement from their user. The integration of social media in digital signage does not only create buzz within the industry, but it also serves as a platform to gauge the current pulse of the people regarding consumer needs. Somehow, it has become the new survey forms that help immensely in costumer researches – only this time, it is a lot more convenient and faster. This marketing strategy also decreases product intimidation as it allows people from all walks of life participate in the knowledge sharing and content generation that only group of professionals used to do in the earlier years.

Both companies and consumers find dynamicity over live updates on screen displayed in malls, sidewalks, bus stations, and in different establishments. This method has increasingly getting popular with brands and companies, as the real-time digital signage displays get the most attention from potential costumer compared to other platforms. The industry of digital signage software is continually keeping up-to-date with the current trends to provide companies and consumers the best of advertising experience in this generation.